Information on our Fellowships

As at other Centers for Advanced Study, the Fellows play the central role in the funding activities of the Schöller Research Center. Outstanding researchers from home and abroad may apply for a fellowship at the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schöller Research Center for Business and Society. A fellowship at the Schöller Research Center is intended to enable the Fellow to carry out a proposed research project. With the fellowships, the Research Center aims at contributing to responsible acting in business and society.

Rights and Obligations of the Fellows

The Dr. Theo and Friedl Schöller Research Center provides funds of up to 50.000 € per Schöller Senior Fellow and up to 20.000 € per Schöller Fellow for the realization of the outlined research project. Schöller Fellows are required to contribute to the research activities of the School of Business and Economics by sharing their experiences and competencies. Furthermore, the Fellows are expected to:

  • participate in the annual ceremony of the Research Center,
  • refer to the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schöller Research Center in publications related to their funding, and
  • write an article for the annual report.

Selection Criteria

he Fellows will be selected by the Research Center’s Advisory Board and appointed by the School of Business and Economics. Selection criteria for the Schöller Fellowships are:

  • scientific excellence as proven by publications,
  • willingness for on-site dialogue in Nuremberg, and
  • a draft of a research project that requires cooperation with members of the School of Business and Economics.