School of Business, Economics and Society

For the School of Business, Economics and Society (WiSo), excellence in research is a mission with tradition. Within the impressive research portfolio of the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg the School of Business, Economics and Society, in conjunction with the Law School, is seen as a pillar of the university’s top-level research focus “Cohesion – Change – Innovation”.

The School of Business, Economics and Society forms this research focus, amongst others, with the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schöller Research Center for Business and Society under the overall theme “Creating Cohesion – Designing Change – Realizing Innovation”.

“Creating Cohesion”

Corporate structures and cultures create cohesion. The design of formal and informal systems which add to the stabilization and liquefaction of structures and cultures in an organization is in wide sections in the focus of economic and social research.

The research activities in the fields of economic education, taxation and valuation contribute to insight, design and implementation of such formal and informal systems which create cohesion by these means.

“Designing Change”

The research activities of the university in the field of transformation concentrate on insight, design and implementation of change on the condition of autonomous acting with an eye to legal systems, organizations and markets. Industrial change processes and their consequences for organizations and markets as well as change in the world of labour are in the focus of the School’s research fields.

“Realizing Innovation”

Economic innovation research is geared to insight, design and implementation of innovations in an organizational, social and cultural context. In the School’s research fields service, process and system innovations in enterprises are central.


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